lunedì 21 novembre 2011

Create you personal HereQR! code!

Do you want to give more visibility to your website?
Would you like to share your Facebook, Twitter or other Social Network account?
Do you like to "play" with QR Codes, trying them on your smartphone?

HereQR! gives you the opportunity to create your own QR code,  
customizing it with the picture or logo you prefer!

domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Identity FREE Version!

HereQR! is proud to announce that has recently launched the beta version  of its Identity Service.

Anyone who wants to register (HERE) has a chance to have a "microsite"to fill with his personal contact information, as well as grouping into a single reference  all his links to the various "virtual identities" (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger).

Everything will be accessible by a personal HereQR! code, to be directly exchanged directly via smartphones ("Show & Click") or printed on different media (cards, t-shirts, stickers ...).

A true virtual business cardto present you in a simple, fun and innovative way!

For more information:

Identity for Business - Wines

In a wine there's the effort, the passion, the tradition of a land and its people.

But how to convey the culture inside a glass to a consumer who has to choose between the shelves of a wine bar or, even more difficult, a supermarket?

How to help him choosing and, subsequently, tasting the precious nectar?

Identity Service aims to provide valuable support, through the implementation of the Product Sheet displayed on the Web and simply accessible by scanning a QR code printed on the back of the bottle label.

In this way the characteristics of the wine production techniques, and how it could be better tasted, can be immediately viewed by the potential customer directly on his smartphone, providing assistance in choosing the best product.

For more information on Service Identity: